Welcome to GENEV!

We are happy that you want to get in contact with us! The network German Education Network for Employability (GENEV) is a cooperation of German persons responsible in vocational training. It has the aim to transfer education »Made in Germany« to Vietnam

Our strong partners, binding guiding principles and our future-orientated projects support the success of our common activities.

Clearly defined competences, realisable solutions and efficient structures are what make us unique. We are in the position to push forward due to our experience, commitment and reliability.

All partners of the project are successful persons responsible in vocational training, investors or sponsors, who have an interest in implementing educational offers of a German standard »Made in Germany« cooperatively in Vietnam.

Our educational products are as multifaceted as our partners themselves. At present, we initiate and accompany the developments in selected sectors as

  • Logistics,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Tourism or
  • the health sector

Continously, the project will be expanded to further sectors. What all projects have in common is the pursuit of successful, future- orientated and sustainable Vietnamese-German educational offers, building on a German standard but implemented in Vietnam.